Back by popular demand, the 24 Snapbacks relaunch: My Culture, My Heritage, Me

The very popular and highly sought-after 24 Snapbacks are back on the market, celebrating 4 of the major ethnicities in Nigeria. The hats are made of a Suede Dome, Leather Peak, 4 net panels for ventilation, and a snapback adjuster for sizing.

Each style tells a story of a people, capturing a symbolic article of their history set in the center of the dome, focusing on the uniqueness of each Tribe, while amplifying the unity of Nigeria.

Arewa:  represents the people of the northern region of Nigeria, known for their high values and strong beliefs

Pendant mask of Queen Idia: represents the queen mother of Benin City, known for her strength and strong will.

The Eagles Feather: represents the prominent members of the eastern region of Nigeria, symbolizing the strength, tenacity and determination of the Igbo people.

The Ife Head/Oodua: A symbol of Kingship. Representing the people from the Western and South-Western part of Nigeria, who are known for their diverse skills and trades.

In this minimally styled photo collection, the stories of the featured Tribes are conveyed in a range of emotions, all pertinent to feelings of Pride being relayed as the rebirth is tagged My Culture, My Heritage, Me.

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