MUST READ: The 5 Things From Davido’s “Fall” You Should Know If You Don’t Already

In just one week of its release, Davido’s “Fall” directed by Dabs is already on repeat on fan’s playlist with over 2Million views on YouTube as fans enjoy the second single of the year from Omo Baba Olowo.o after listening to this song and watching the video, there are five things.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 
But after listening to this song and watching the video, there are five things I think you guys should know, especially if you did not notice these things when you watched/listened, then go back, listen/watch the video then tell us more that we should know, for now, here are the ones I think you should know about;
1. Repetition: Is it just this song or all of Davido’s releases, I’ll want you to tell us, but what I can tell you for a fact is that listening to this song, it was super easy to sing along because of the repetition. YES. Davido repeated a lot of lines in this song that we can bet might be less than a minute without the repetition. The word “FALL” is so much on repeat that you’ll want to ask Davido if the title is because of the repetition of the word or because he fell into a trance… truth is, I’m also still wondering.
2. Same beat with IF: Apparently Davido is obvious to the fact that “IF” was a hit because of the beat, and of course the lyrics which most people believe to have been written in Tekno’s style. Now while the lyrics of FALL produced by Kiddominant, you’ll agree it sounds a bit like what Davido would write, but we cannot take away the fact that the beat of “IF” has been repeated here again, maybe not totally, but when you tune off your mind to the lyrics of the song, “FALL” is more or less a part two of “IF”.
3. More mature Davido: Finally, I think the video is more mature than any of Davido’s videos. there’s a kind of class that comes with it that I haven’t seen in any video from OBO. The video is calm, not much going on, so it helps the viewers retain concentration on the idea behind the video. Although he still threw his wealth on our faces like a classic Davido would, but it’s not in that arrogant youthful way he does, reminding us of what he has(no offence). In this video, he still threw his wealth slightly where he tells his on-screen lover that she has money and media attention because of him, but it was a huge relief to not hear him dominate the song with material things and bank statement rather it was a video that shows a man who leaves his troubled home, go out to dream only to come back to meet the wahala he left at home, but in this case, a Rolls Royce.
4. Terrible Acting skills: For all Filmmakers considering Davido for a role in Nollywood, watch this video and consider no more. Davido from this video has shown us he cannot act to save his life… at least I think so from this show. One would think that at the beginning of the video there would be any reaction from him while his onscreen lover was yelling at him, but Davido was just lost in that scene… where he was, me I do not know, but a little reaction would’ve made it more realistic and when he sang the first line, it should’ve been directed at her, not the camera!
5. Keeping his sound distinctly African: The sound of Fall is another Afrobeat that will get you moving to the sound of the beat with each sound giving you that African traditional beat that if you listen well and put the sounds apart, it’s a mixture of so many cultures coming together to find harmony thereby producing that distinct African sound you won’t hear everywhere, except in “IF”. The first sound was the classic Igbo sound until he switched to IF’ beat, and that sound was maintained throughout, although in a subtle manner.
So for me, this is a beautiful song with different parts that communicate different emotions, but if you want to make up with your girl like Davido is trying to do with the imaginary lady, pick just the hook and serenade your apology to her… do not, I repeat DO NOT pick the first line, because I’m also looking for Davido to ask him why he is bragging about his wealth while apologizing to his girl… not working well in the same context, but what can we say? It’s OBO… Baddest!

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