#Father’s Day: The Day Was Created By A Woman Who Was Raised By A Single Father

For over a century now, a day has been set aside to compliment Mother’s Day and celebrate fathers. The first Father’s Day was marked on June 19 1910 and was founded by an American woman, Sonora Smart Dodd.

She first had the idea were listening to a Mother’s Day sermon a year earlier and was bothered that there wasn’t a day to celebrate fathers. As a child, she and her five brothers were raised by their widower father. Their mother had died during the birth of the youngest child.

Sonora Smart Dodd then planned the celebration for his birthday on June 5 but logistics forced her to move it to the third Sunday in June.Sonora Smart Dodd’s tomb identifies her as the founder of Father’s Day.

By 1913, the idea had spread across the United States, prompting then President Woodrow Wilson approving it and joining Dodd to celebrate it in 1916.

Since then Father’s Day has been a day to celebrate fathers all across the world and has been adopted by most countries in the world.

Happy Father’s Day!

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