I Rep this Masa anytime anywhere coz it made me- Milka Gainaka (Masan Bauchi)

A Facebook User Milka Gainaka  and proud daughter posted about her repping her mama's Business. though we requested to have a taste of the nice looking masa She's yet to respond to our request  (lol😋😋😋). She wrote,

After frying Masa for about 11 Hours, I couldn't even eat dinner before sleeping coz I was exhausted. on the other hand I saluted my Mama coz everyday she does this routine and even more and it's not coz she doesn't get tired but she's just selfless and determined to make ends meet.
regardless of the biro I(we) hold I (we) Rep this Masa anytime anywhere, coz it made me (us)! it's important you know your root, and accept where you are coming from it will only guide you to where you are going but does not define your future and the greatness you hold within.

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