“No One Who Has Seen War Will Wish For Another One” – Acting President Osinbajo (Watch)

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo has said violence and war, following the calls to divide the country
He said;
“One thing is clear – violence and war are not going to do anyone any good. They are terrible and they mean no good. They are easy to start but near impossible to end,” Osinbajo said while speaking with thought leaders from South Eastern Nigeria.
“In fact, history has shown us especially contemporary history that wars today hardly ever end. They just simply go on. Indeed, you’re all aware of the Igbo proverb that says that “a man who rushes into battle does not realize that battle entails death.”
“We are witnesses to the unspeakable devastation that war continues to inflict across the world. No one who has seen the horrors of war – even merely on television – would wish it on their worst enemy.
“It is also clear that wars sometimes start, not with bullets, but with words. Hateful, incendiary speech, opening floodgates of blood. The tongue, like the pen, is often mightier than the sword – because it is what pushes the sword into action.
When we throw words like stones in a marketplace we do not know who or what it will hit,”
Watch video below

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