You have heard kings and queens, Choice, and other great songs from this dope artiste. Today  Next2Mic is glad to presents her first song Forget About "Lendo by Lemuel Knight" the song was mixed by Lendo himself. dope right?

(Sample Voice Talking)
My enemies are close friends even closer
Me on the walls and they tryna rip the poster
They don’t even Cino cos big ben to Coaster
Me on the all-star they tryna take me off 
I never sign a deal and they wanna sign me off
They can’t relate real so they love to write me off
The label me a bad boy like all I do is puff
I still keep the culture when the rap deal is off
My name is on the map hard to scratch it off
Came from a soft work and they wanna play me tough
I’ve been real my nigger I demand what is real
Yall hella fake can’t command what is real
Energy is awesome power to the grail
Been on the line like am running on the rail
Hate the game politics yall forming Ludacris 
Can’t be Big and small cos yall niggers never Chris
Never Chris never chris 
Forget about Lendo
Mance da shi Muma dena zance da shi
Forget about Lendo
Nace Mance da shi muna dena zance da shi
Forget about Lendo
Forget about this nigger who this nigger think he is
It ain about you
It ain about you son
Fake forget about me to OGs am finest
Came from the low now am all about the highness 
This bars is priceless this nigger timeless
Foo those that show me live I give bars in kindness 
I’ve been out for try outs I wanna make the team
Sleeping out for so long I wanna live the dream
But yall forget about me stretch to the sidelines 
Down to underground run the shit like pipe line
Knight for the hood am all about the truth
Certified lyricist am all about the booth
All the work yall can pause for a second
Check the work I put in yall will understand 
Am the main man for this I get all hate for this 
Keep ma conscious mind up focus on the Grind
Invite yall to turn up call us for the rhyme 
Forget about Lendo one time for your mind 

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