RUBY GYANG IS The Soul Of The North??

Soul is precious beyond compare 

The soul gives life and vitality. It is the embodiment of consciousness carrying the entire knowledge of the existence of self. Therefore, soul is life, soul is identity, and RUBY GYANG is "The Soul Of The North". 

Ruby Gyang, the 5-octave songstress from Chocolate City Music has the love of many from the northern part of Nigeria. The stimulus eliciting this soft but persistent endearment from the youths and grown of that region can either be described as an enigma or simply a covert strategy. I chose the later for the purpose of unraveling the brand "Ruby Gyang ". I posit that the brand is not an experiment, it is the outcome of a well crafted business permutation. 

Permit me here to refer to the biggest pop brand in northern Nigeria at this moment, Classiq. In the year 2013, a year before the release of his mixtape "Sarki" which changed the topographic set up of the entire music landscape in the north, the song DUNIYA was released. Remember Duniya? The song that seized the hearts of all without exception. Remember the voice on the ad-lip that had you hooked like an addict? That is #soul. Yes, I mean that is Ruby Gyang. (Either ways I am right!). The song was so hip, Jagz had to hop on it. The rest was history. Arewa was agog and serenaded with the potent wand of the Duniya spell. 

Since 2013, the Ruby Gyang brand has strongly lodged itself in the hearts of the Arewa music bloc and its residents. 

Fast-forward to 2017, the Ruby Gyang brand has positioned itself for its long standing Fanbase-Arewa. You probably must have bumped into her a couple of times on Arewa24. It all makes sense right now, doesn't it? 

Now you see, it was a plot. Kale Ni was a call to awaken us from the hypnosis. To remind us that she has always been here and now she is much more readily available to us more than ever. 

Ruby Gyang is coming out clear now in no minced words staging herself where she rightfully belongs-Arewa. 

The north must take its pride of place in the entertainment industry as the last leg of the indigenous music tripod. Arewa deserves to be heard. The talents replete in this region are thirsty for an equitable market share. The pangs of the north is echoed in lowly and hallowed places. From Croc City to Jtown and to Beehive, the chants for a chance reverberates. Kano, Gombe, Borno and Yola also aren't left for yonder. Abuja might just be the launchpad. Arewa is supercharged and breathing. Until its soul departs, the north stays alive. Though we are setback by innumerable challenges, we retain our soul. In dire times, our soul is all we have got. She is all we have got. Ruby is the soul of the North.

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