#MUSIC: Slaishe- Gospel From The Hood'' Ft Dr SMOG

Isaac Shedrack Auta Who choose to operate beaneath the Mononym Slaishe release a new song title Gospel From The Hood, This New Single has the feature of Dr SMOG who infuses Engausa (Mixture Of Both Enghlish and Hausa ) To help put out the message, sure this song will give you reasons to bump your head for two or more months to come, enjoy

The song was mixed by Emdizzle At Legendary Team Records Studio
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It's Your Boy Slaishe
SMOG yane  ? I see yah

Nagode Ma slaishe
It waye su the Movement
Gaya masu


When I say hood
Get back to your root
To your mama womb
And get born with the spirit
Then you know why you're living
And not hunger for the food in the kitchen

A time for God
Is the time for kingdom
Its my time to teach !
Teach to fish
Fish for men
With lines and hook
Starting from the hood
To the top of roof

They Hate us cus the ain't us
The can't be us cus
We are all force
No uniform no sword
The only thing we've gat mehn
Is the living word
Then what keeps us right
Is the ten laws .
For the lion of the tribe mehn
We make roar
Telling them that he died
For the whole word
Then tell me why am gonna
Live a live in awkward

See! He favours me with Favor
Giving me Jesus my saviour
At the passover he takes off
Fulfilling the scriptures
No medical checkups
That How it was measured
To save human nature
For almighty Culture
So we would be lectured
To suture and
Switch on the light
Like the Moon that glows in the Night

Life is  a risk Take it and see
What's gonna be
If Christ is the king
then mehn you're free
No tax no penny
Cus he made it jelly
don't be scared dont fear
We will move till we get their
And be accepted man
Like the fresh air
I believe and I see it all clear
Cus omo guys omo guys
Don dey raise leg


Christ Don bless (8X)
This is gospel from the hood(8X)


It been a while we left the hood
But all for the best we coming we good
Hope for life to learn some new books
Kristi took us and gave us a new look

But we will not forget any of your other book
Coming back wondering what they gonna cook
In the past we were jumping some old blocks
But Christ is the new thing now we are stalk

Yeah living for Christ in Christ now we walking
In Kristi we are bro we are balling
The truth is the only thing we are popping
Yeah I rep Christ that why you see me rapping
Kristi is here me and my bro we chilling
Christ is taking over we dethroning
I wasn't living his life then I heard him calling
Yanzu mun zama abin kallo see them talking

Ko a church Praises we,we are clapping
They pass matters on you and keep you freeze
Amma mamaki suke this guys rapping Christ
Ubangiji ya bamu many talent so please !!!!

I pray I rap to a soul and never miss
Ko su na stinging na ai kamar bee's
When Christ touch you is like heaven at feast
Mehn blew with Christ is a new beats

Ubangiji ya sha re pass so now we are clean
Let hustle out for soul kar mu zauna kama beans
Amma sai a zauna da yan mata wai ma ana kiss
When I think of that it really makes me wanna hiss (Mtcheeww )
Ya kamata ku farka ko kuna ne man pinch
let work with grace ko da kaman inch
Tor sai mu yi mending ways harda bridges Saboda ladan mu na zuwa harda blessing


Christ Don bless (8X)

This is gospel from the hood(8X)

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