The Tycoon's Son 2 ( Preview)

Selina sat at a corner table, quietly sipping a cold drink. She had arrived at the country club some minutes earlier so as to be fully prepared when Chief Agbah arrived.

"Every Friday evening at 6 pm, he comes to the club to play a game of tennis. The only time he doesn't come is when he's out of the country.

So, be there this week and try to meet him," Lexie had told her a few days before. With a contact he had at the exclusive club, Lexie had arranged for admission for her.

Selina brought out her small compact powder from her bag and studied her face in the mirror.

She had taken great care with her appearance and she knew she looked really 'hot' as Lexie liked to say.

Just then, a small group of men entered the large lounge of the club where she sat. Two of them, who looked like bodyguards, were dressed in dark suits and dark glasses.

In their midst was a well-built, slightly tall older man wearing tennis gear- white shorts and T-shirt.

Selina instantly recognised him from the pictures she had seen of him. Chief Agbah! For a man in his 60s, he looked fit, she thought.

She watched surreptitiously as he stood talking with another man who had come up to greet him.

As one of the men in his group walked towards the bar, Selina made her move. Picking up her drink, she went in the direction of the bar as if to order another drink.

Watch out for the rest of the story coming soon!


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