The Tycoon's Son (3)

Selina stared in amazement at Chief, looking as if she had seen a ghost.

"Chief! What are you doing here?" she asked in a shocked tone.

"Is that how to welcome a guest who has come all this way to see you?" he queried, smiling genially at her.

"Sorry. Please come in," she invited, opening the door wide.
Inside, she introduced him to Lara who looked equally shocked at seeing Chief Agbah whom she knew by fame and reputation, in her friend's living room.

Later, Selina went to the kitchen to get some drinks for the guest, closely followed by Lara.

"You never told me you knew Chief Agbah! Where did you meet him? When? Is he your boyfriend? Girl, you've caught a really big fish this time o!" she said excitedly.

"Not now Lara! I go yarn you later. Just help me get some glasses and a tray while I get the drinks," Selina said, opening the fridge.

A short time later, after she had served him, Lara at a sign from Selina excused herself and left. 
"I'll call you later," she said as she saw her friend to the door.

"You were the last person I was expecting to see here today," Selina stated as she took a seat opposite her visitor who was sitting comfortably on the leather couch, looking as if he owned the place.

"Yes. I know I must have surprised you with my visit. But you've been proving so elusive that I had to do something drastic like this. As they say, if the mountain won't go to Mohammed..." he said with a smile.

They sat talking for a while with him asking probing questions about her life and business.
"I do general supplies, buying and selling. Anything that brings in money, to keep body and soul together," she explained. 

There was no need telling him the truth- that she 'supplied' herself to rich men in exchange for money. For certain reasons, she wanted to give a favorable impression of herself to him.

"With your qualifications, I could get you a job in one of my companies or anywhere else you want. A bank, oil company or even a government parastatatal, just name it! Or don't you want to work?" he asked.

"I tried getting a job but things didn't work out," she said vaguely and quickly changing the subject asked:

"Would you like another drink?"
He shook his head.
"I need to get going as I have an important meeting later," he stated before asking:

"What's your schedule like next week?"
"Why do you ask?" she wondered.

"I will be traveling to Germany then to see some of my business partners. I want you to come with me,"he said. "And I don't want no for an answer this time..."
She was silent for a while.

"You'll have to give me a few days to think about it. I will call you then," she said. She needed to reach Lexie ASAP to tell him about this latest development.


Lexie sounded impressed when she told him about her father's visit to her home.
"For my dad to visit you so soon shows he has fallen for you. You need to take advantage of that," Lexie said over the phone.

He advised her not to accept his offer, that the time was not right.
"So, when will the right time be?" she asked a bit anxiously. She was worried that Chief might lose interest in her if she held out too long.

"Trust me. I know this man better than you do. He's hooked already. All we need do is wait. So, be patient," he noted.

Expectedly, his father did not sound too happy when she told him she could not make the trip as she needed to visit her mother who was sick.
"Was really looking forward to having you with me on the trip," he said in a disappointed tone, making Selina wonder if she had made a mistake by turning him down and if she would ever hear from him again...

She worried unnecessarily for three weeks later, on his return from his trip, Chief had sent his driver to her place with plenty of gifts from his journey.

Attached was a note inviting her for dinner at his house. 'Just employed a new chef. I want you to assess his cooking skills for me. So, don't fail to come. The driver will pick you up later this evening.'

To her surprise, Lexie gave her the go ahead to accept the invitation, stating: "He doesn't take just any lady to his home. So, you must be among the special ones." 

From Lexie, she had got a few details about Chief's family life. From what she gathered, it was a 'fractured', dysfunctional one with him having many children from different wives and concubines.

After the affair with Lexie's mother Monica, he had married thrice, divorced two and separated from the other. Chief and his current wife Ruby, lived mostly separate lives as she lived abroad most of the time with her two young children who attended school there. 

He had about twelve children from all these women though Lexie was not too sure about the actual figure. "My dad hates counting his children. Typical African man who believes that counting one's children can cause bad luck," Lexie had sneered then.

"Hmm. This tastes really good. Your man cooks well," Selina commented later that night. She was alone in the large dinning room in Chief's house. Earlier he had given her a tour of some parts of the large mansion where he lived with three of his many children.

"The rest live with their mothers," he explained shortly.

After the meal, Selina sat in an upstairs sitting room, while Chief attended to some visitors downstairs.

"Chief, it's getting late. I have to go now," Selina said when he came up sometime later.
"Must you?" he queried, sitting next to her on the couch. "I want you to stay with me. Tonight," he added. He drew her to him and cupped her lovely face in his hands.
"I'm sorry. I really..." she began to say as his lips drew close to hers....

Did Selina stay? Join us later this week for the details of what happened that night between her and Chief Agbah!

Preview of Tycoon's Son (4)

"I liked you right from the first day I saw you at the club," said Chief. "And I want you. Agree to be mine and I can give you whatever you want. Just name it and..." he snapped his fingers, "It's all yours!"

"Chief, I'm sorry. Thanks for the offer. But I'm a responsible lady, properly brought up from a good home. I don't mess around with men. I..."

"I know. That's one of the things I like about you. You are not like all these cheap girls around. But consider my offer and you won't regret it. I will turn your life around for good..."

Selina pretended to consider for a while...


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