The Tycoon's Son (5)

"Good for you," Lexie said. "But don't get carried away by all this. My father is like the weather- unpredictable; he can change anytime.

He might love you now. But what about tomorrow? What happens if a new lady catches his eye? So, you need to stay focused on the big picture..."

Selina sighed.

"Lexie, I know you have issues with your father but is there no way you can settle your differences? I can help in that regard, you know, bring both of you together," Selina said.

"What are you talking about? This was not part of the original plan..." he said, sounding upset.
"I know, but..."

"I see you are becoming distracted by my dad's largesse and losing focus. Look, we have a plan. It will pay you to stick with it!" Lexie told her curtly.
He told her the next phase of the 'project' would commence soon.

"Tell Chief to write a cheque for you. Just tell him you need some money. Make sure it's a cheque and let me see it once you collect it."

Wondering what he needed it for, Selina met Chief the following day to get it.

"I paid some money into your account just last week. Don't tell me you've spent it all!" Chief stated when Selina asked for a cheque of half a million.

"Ah! Chief, you've forgotten. I sent the money to my mother. She needed to restock her shop and she asked me for help," Selina said.

"Is that so? In that case, you will need more money," he said. He brought out his cheque book and wrote out a cheque for a million naira

A joyous Selina collected the cheque and later that day, gave it to Lexie.
"Good job," he commended her.

Two weeks later, he made another request, this time for some cheque leaflets from Chief.

"What do you need it for?" she asked in a puzzled voice.
He explained his plans.
"Do you think it will work?" she sounded sceptical.

He nodded.

"The guy who will sign the cheques is an expert in forgery. So don't worry. Just get me what I need," he assured her.

Lexie had carefully picked the guy for the job and he was sure of his competence.

"I can forge the President's signature. Or that of the Governor of the Central Bank. No problem," the man had told Lexie the first day they met, a crooked grin on his face.

Lexie's grand plan was to withdraw a huge sum of money from his father's accounts with the forged cheques and leave the country for good.

"My dad will be traveling abroad for his annual medical check-up. He often stays for about three weeks. That's when we will strike as reaching him then is difficult," Lexie told

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