Would You Pay 720,000,000 Naira For A Pair Of Shoes? Here Are The World’s Most Expensive Shoes

Tom ford diamond shoesShoes are very important fashion accessories that can help improve your appearance but how much will you be willing to pay for your footwear? There are a lot of good and lovely shoes that can drill a hole in your wallet but will you be willing to pay as much as 720,000,000 million Naira for a pair of shoes?

You read it right! Some of the world’s most expensive shoes cost as much as that and you may want to consider saving now for these finest of footwear options…

Edward Greens

This shoe is almost completely handmade and the makers have some history behind them. Edward Greens opened its doors in the last years of the 19th century and have made some pretty good shoes that have stood the test of time from then till now.

This footwear has a Swiss calf upper and a double leather sole. Each pair of Edward Greens is usually shipped to buyers with their own lasted shoe trees, which makes them shoes for life. The Dark Oak Antique style is priced at approximately 600,000 Naira a pair.

Berluti Rapieces

These exquisitely made French shoes cannot be obtained from shoe racks anywhere in the world as you have to order them customised for your feet. The berluti Rapieces are Hand-crafted from some of the finest leather that exists in the world and if you’re the type of person that enjoys collecting expensive shoes, you should definitely get a piece.

This luxury leather shoes come at a fine price of 741,000 Naira.

Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer shoes are gorgeous brogues made by the luxury shoe maker, Stefano Bemer of Florence, Italy. Each pair takes as much as four months to and is entirely made by hand.

Stefano Bemer shoes are crafted from French Box Calf leather and all their brogues come with the characteristic Stefano Bemer’s signature which is made up of a deep wing and medallion. Each pair of shoes comes with its own lasted shoe tree and wooden box, and comes at a pricey 485,000 Naira a pair.

Louis Vuitton Maestro Richelieu

The Louis Vuitton Maestro Richelieu is more or less a reinterpretation of the evening shoes of the 1980s but this one comes in embroidered sequins that adds to the sophistication and class of this footwear.

With this classic pair of shoes having 90,000 sequins in each pair, the design takes about eight hours to make and the footwear comes at a price of 820,000 Naira a pair.

Aubercy Diamond Shoes

The Aubercy company is a French family owned one that has been in the business of making some of the most beautiful hand-made shoes the world has seen since 1935. Very few things screams luxury like this pair of bespoke shoes that comes inlaid with real diamonds. This excellent pair comes at a price of 1.7 Million Naira a pair.

Tom Ford Diamond Shoes

The Tom Ford Diamond Shoes appear to be in a world of its own especially with its class and make. This one-off pair created with 14,000 diamonds is in a world of its own and a pair is owned by the entertainer Nick Cannon who work them when he appeared on America’s Got Talent. A Pair of these luxury shoes goes for $US2 million or 720,000,000 Naira!

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