The moment i saw the smile on her face as i open the door to her room that fateful morning, i knew something strange had happened.
‘Good morning dear’ i greeted as i stepped inside.
‘Hi Hazan hope you slept well?’ she replied smiling again on the bed she was lying.
‘You seems happy this morning, what is it? i asked anxiously.
‘Please have a look at my toes’ she said happily.
I was shocked to see her toes wriggled for the first time in three years.
‘Honey, the lord has healed me’ she shouted.
I was engulfed with happiness as my mind went to the day i made the hardest decision of my life.

The atmosphere at the court that day was chilled, almost everyone felt the tension in the air.
‘Where were you coming from the evening it happened?’ the lawyer asked.
‘I was coming from my fiance Chijioke’s house’ i answered diligently as i have been thought.
The lawyer waited a few seconds before throwing me another bomb.
‘Tell me Hazan what did you take at her house?’
‘She was having her dinner of tea and bread so i joined her’ I replied.
‘So you telling me you took only tea at her place, No strong drink?’ the lawyer queried again.
‘Its my fiance’s house i can’t take any alcoholic drink, even if i wanted to, she won’t let me’ i said shifting my gaze from the man beside me to the light skinned lady sitting close to my dad.
‘Please Mr Hazan we would like you to narrate the whole Incident to this court’ the lawyer said saving the lady from the arrow of eyes pointed at her by diverting the crowd’s attention back to me.
I took a deep breath and send a saliva down to my throat.
‘I was on my way driving home from my fiance’s house when i suddenly sighted a figure lying on the road. Owing to the fact that i wasn’t over speeding, i was able to pull my car to a halt in time. I was stunned when i came down from the car and saw a human being lying unconsciously in a pool of blood.’ I paused to prevent my memory from playing the gory scene.
‘Please continue Mr Hazan’ the inquisitive man urged.
I continued trying to prevent the ocean in my eyes from flooding.
‘I rushed toward her, administered the first aid treatment i learned and called for help. The neighbors came and accused i who was just trying to be a good samaritan of crushing her down’ i concluded finally bursting the dam in my eyes.
My trick won over nearly everyone at the court but the victim’s younger brother whose eyes was red with anger and her mother who obviously had cried her eyes out refused to be subterfuged.
How excellent was i in acting the drama which was written by our family lawyer and produced by my father, having Chijioke who i was seeing for the second time in my life as the supporting actress.
‘Mr Hazan you saw the woman lying down in blood right? From what you saw can you please describe what you thought happened to the lady?’ the lawyer fired.
‘Objection my lord’ our family lawyer came in to rescue me.
‘Objection over ruled’ the judge denied.
The question caught me off guard, it wasn’t part of those i rehearsed. I log into my brain to find answers but instead i accidentally triggered the memory i fought so hard to erase.
That day, I went to the club to drink away my depression cause i saw the true nature of the man called my dad. Had i been told elsewhere, i wouldn’t have believe it. Twelve neatly wrapped pack of hard drug lying inside the suitcase under dad’s bed was the sight i wouldn’t forget for the rest of my life. I felt so sad, angry and betrayed to know the man i had once thought was the best father in the world is a drug baron.
Hot tears drop from my eyes as i open my mouth to answer the question.
‘Am so sorry.’ this was the only word i could mutter.
‘What do you mean sir?’ the lawyer pressed further.
To everyone’s surprise i narrated how i was driving heavily drunk and accidentally knock down the lady walking by the road side. I told them how my conscience stopped me from running and how i stayed to take care of her despite people raining curses on me.
By the time i finished, i heard the judge made a deep sigh and my interrogator finally let me off the hook and went to his seat.
After a few minutes the judge delivered his judgement giving me two options, either five years imprisonment or two month imprisonment with a fine of two million naira. I happily took the second option and was later released after serving my two month. I heard while i was in jail that my victim had her back broken with a very slim probability of ever setting her foot on the ground again, so in other to atone for my sin, after i left the prison i made it my responsibility to take care of her.

Now i feel the weight of sin lifted from my shoulder replaced with abundant joy because i choosed to be a better man than my dad was.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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