Phils Emjay vs Joevan who's beefing who???

This year 2017 has been quite the eventful one for both upcoming and
upcome(lolx does that word even exist??) artist in Nigeria , with many twists and turns. Albums that were long-awaited and highly anticipated were finally liberated, new artists emerged, introducing themselves to the populous music scene and placing their stamp on the game.

But then, Phils Emjay and Joevan to our own believe have been good friends with phils featuring Joevan on one of his track off his recently released Album 
which was released only 4 days ago.

Now only God knows what went wrong but whatever it is, i hope they put an end to it.

But then someone said This is just premeditated beef Gaining more popularity by the day They are just scamming our data…I pray oooo LOL!

Here is what surfaced this afternoon the screenshot explained it

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