#MUSIC: BeeBee Ladirin - Manifest

Bori & Bose Ladirin, popularly known as BeeBee Ladirin are a couple who deeply love God and are completely sold out to the advancement of His Kingdom.
Both of them have a very strong background as their parents are ministers of the Gospel. This affords them the opportunity to get involved in gospel music at an early stage. This also continued with their involvement in Choir throughout their university days.
January 2017 marked the beginning of their journey as gospel music ministers and the couple has released an 8 track album “MANIFEST” in September, 2017. Prior to this, both of them have been active ministers in the Redeemed Christian Church of God for about a decade and still strongly forging ahead.
They have been married for over 4 years and blessed with two great boys!
It is their prayer and desire that every life that comes in contact with their music will receive the fulfilment of God’s promise in their lives in Jesus name, amen!

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