[Enews]: directorVayne on a management deal with alliance knightz entertainment acts.

North east most outstanding cinematographer, director, film maker and the C.E.O Imagination pictures production/042tunes directorVayne as he is popularly known and called is on a management deal with Alliance Knights Entertainments front liners. Seriez, and the official house disc jockey Dj Lensis. The deal which was signed today being Friday 29th December 2017 in an undisclosed location in the city of yola is said to last for 1year, and will enjoy apple benefits to both party.
You can scroll down to see more pictures and read through their deal benefits.

directorVayne, T.One
directorVayne, Dj Lensis

directorVayne, Seriez

Dj Lensis, Seriez, directorVayne, T.One 

Seriez, directorVayne, T.One 

Seriez, Dj Lensis, directorVayne, T.One 
1. Artists are entitled to videos to all hit track, with over 1000 downloads in a particular host link in the first week of release within the period of the management deal.

2.Artists are entitled to promo, hype and trends of all tracks to about 20 or more Nigerian popular sites.

3. Artist must report all show to the new management before being in attendance

‎4. All revenue generated from artist will be divided into three, one for the artist, one for the management and one for the artist studio session.

5. the bridge of the above deal rule may lead to automatic dismissal of the deal by both party

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