How To Turn Your Ideas, Hobbies, Skills and Knowledge to Profitable Business In 4 Simple Steps!

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If you are a salary earner or you are unemployed….You are Not Happy With Your Current Situation…..No matter How Much you earn or have right now.

I know this sounds harsh but it’s the truth….

If you read this short article to the end, I will prove this to you….

Your Job takes most of your time…8 to 9 every single day and nothing to spend with loved ones, you even work on weekends at times and yet you get peanuts as salary, you only work to enrich the your BOSS pocket or maybe you just hate the feeling of someone bossing you around.

and you may find it shocking that the JOB right now is not even SECURED and you might have even thought of resigning but couldn’t because there is nothing to fall back on!

According to Punch Newspaper, 3.67 million Nigerians, Lost their JOB in one year.

And if you are unemployed yet still searching for aJOB, it’s a no brainer why you still don’t have your desired JOB. Here is why?

Over 29 Million Nigerians are Jobless according to vanguard newspaper and this has increased in 2017.

How To Turn Your Ideas, Hobbies, Skills and Knowledge to Profitable Business In 4 Simple Steps!

You’ve see the worst in the last 12 months, if you have been in Nigeria since the beginning of this year 2017 you will agree with me on this; Staff have been laid off by the government and private owned Companies, Teachers, Doctors have been going on Strike for Months, Universities have been shut down for months due to the inability of the government to pay thelecturers or students’ strike.

Do you Know Why?

Nigeria’s minimum wage of N18,000 is one of the world’s lowest minimum wage according to Labor and the purchasing power keeps declining due to inflation in the market. If you will agree with me, the amount of money you spend on goods & commodities has nowdoubled compared to what you spent last 2 years because…

Things are becoming more and more expensive!

Salary is fixed, purchasing power is low while some survive on loans to take care of themselves and paytheir childrens’ school fees, others Continue to swim in debt, using debt to pay off debts..

Despite all these problem in Nigeria, Some people are still happily making good money from their business without worrying about JOB security or unemployment or Inflation in the market. Am sure you would have thought of starting your own business, Which is by far the best option you can think of.

According to Forbes Magazine, the Top Richest Men In The World Are Business Owners or Entrepreneurs.

But then, some people get it wrong that they barely even see their business through the first year. Of course I didn’t make this up myself. Here are some facts:

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. That’s a whopping 80% crash and about 20 percent survive four or five years business operation.

There are lots of factors that affect this.

But then, I will show you what to do now to ensure that you never have to worry about your underpaid/unhappy Job that you hate so much but you just have to keep it to survive or the unemploymentsaga that’s driving you crazy.

Not just that, I will also drop on your laps powerful little tips that turns what you already know (ideas, hobbies, Skills or Knowledge) to a Profitable business that brings in Cash On Demand In 30 Days! These little secrets will ensure you build your business in the path of success and be among the 10% that succeed with their business – No matter your current situation.

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We are about to go HARDCORE
Stop whatever you are doing and Pay attention.

After reading what am about to show you… starting from now and you apply every single step on your idea, skills, knowledge or hobbies, you can go as far as building your first Million Naira Per month Business ….even if your bank account is red right now, getting started in 24 hours without office space or huge capital, Using just your Pen and Paper.

Now, I will have to warn you…..what I’m to reveal to you are dangerously powerful, it is like money ritual because you will be able to generate cash any time you need it. But trust me its 100% Legal!

That’s Exactly What Happened To Seyi Adeleke(Youth Corper) When he took his measly N19,800Corpers Alawee and turned it into N30million in just 12 Months.

And Seyi is not the only one doing this, Do you know that Over 76.2Million Nigerians are online as at 2017( according to statista). Nigeria has been ranked by PayPal inc as the 3rd highest mobile shopping nation worldwide. Nigerians reportedly spent $610 million in 2015 using PayPal, and we are on target for $819 million (about ?327 billion, at current rates) this year.

What does this mean to you?

Nigerians Spend over N327 Billion buying different products online in 2017.

If you are afraid of BIG NUMBERS… I mean big money or don’t know how to explain to your family members what you are doing to make the kind of money you will be making in the next few days, then I will advise you NOT to read further.

But if you are not afraid of turning your ideas, hobbies, skills and knowledge to cold hard cash; Then slowly read every word in the next few paragraphs.

There are 3 Steps to Turning Your Ideas, Hobbies,Skills and Knowledge to Profitable Business That brings in Cash On Demand For You!

Step One – Identify What People Want.

Step Two – Find The Solution

Step Three – Package The Solution

Step Four – Sell The Solution to them

Step Five – Rinse and Repeat.

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Sounds like a NO BRAINER, doesn't it?

Yes. It's a simple concept. It's actually the simplicity of the whole thing that

makes people not to do it. They cannot imagine such a simple thing can bring

in massive money.

Now let me show you How to use these 5 Steps to turn your ideas, Knowledge, Skills and Hobby into a profitable business in 30 days.

Step One- Identify what People Want: This is a problem for a lot of people. They don't know how to determine what a lot of people want so they can create products for them. For you, it's shouldn't be a problem.

The fastest way to know what people want is: Identify a problem, once you can identify a problem then you are in money. Let me tell you a short story.

In year 2008, A lot of Nigerians want to know how to make money from Football Just by predicting matches. A smart Nigerian was in U.K then and Figure out How sport betting works and made few pounds from it. He came back to Nigeria and wrote a step by step PDF Guide titled “ How To Make Money Predicting Football Matches”. He was able to Find what people want and created a solution and packaged it, that’s what step 1, 2 and 3 is all about.

The next thing he did was to market the PDF guide and priced it for N7,500 He sold hundreds of copies and made millions selling that single digital product. After that, lots of Nigerians were finding it difficult to deposit their money with all these foreign betting siteand then he decided to find a solution by taking a step further….

He Built the First Online Sport Betting Platform InAfrica, Nairabet. Yes, That’s exactly how The Famous,Billion Naira Company, NairaBET Was Founded, doubt this, a quick search on google will do.

But What If I show you how to build your own Million Naira Per Month Business Starting with what you know, little or no capital, your pen and paper.

You see…these are some very powerful strategies you can start applying now and start making money from it within the next few days.

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