St. Chika - Bigger than what people say | @iamstchika

The Unshakable shaker
The unchallenged challenger
The undefeated defeater
The Unchangeable changer 
Unmovable mover
Unstoppable stopper
There is none like you
For you are bigger than what people say you are

So call him beautiful names
He is worth way more than that
Sinach calls him the waymaker
Nathaniel Bassey calls him Olowogbogboro
Frank Edwards calls him Okaka
Prospa calls him Ekueme
He says and he does
Steve Crown says He is Great
Travis says he is intentional

But I will love to say he is bigger than what they say he is...
Powerful worship song from the gospel sensation St. Chika

Listen and Download “Bigger than what people say

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