TSTV is finally back with a new Sassy decoder: See price, features and sales date

After the hype of TSTV coming decoder last year, TSTV seems to have failed its promises to commence the selling of decoders. Moreover, TSTV has recently announced its new Sassy decoder on social media and its sales date to start on 1st of April, 2018.

The former price of TSTV decoder for last year sale was N5,000 but has been reduced to N3,500 for the new Sassy decoder. Nevertheless, even Nigerians have given up on the Telecom operator, I think the company are starting to show their true self.

TSTV now has two sets of decoders: Sassy and Dexterity. The Dexterity is what the company promised Nigerians last year with 200+ channels + 20GB data but won’t be on sale now, while the Sassy decoder will be on sale from 1st of April, 2018.
These are what you should know about new TSTV Sassy decoder

1. The Dish, Remote and TSTV decoder will be sold for N3,500 only.
2. Sassy decoder contains up to 70+ channels.
3. ‎TSTV Sassy decoder doesn’t support internet, hence you won’t get the 20GB promised.
4. Using Quick teller platform to pay subscription plan is fully supported.
5. Pause Subscription is supported: You can only pause your subscription for 7 days only out of the 30 days subscription plan and the Pause subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan.
6. ‎You can record videos and play it later on Sassy decoder which is the PVR function.
7. ‎N200 for daily subscription, N500 for 3-day subscription and N750 for weekly subscription.


The package you enjoy on Sassy is different from the one of Dexterity. Who knows if the new Sassy decoder is the upgraded version of GoTV from another provider?

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