Captain Sumi Paul, a Nigerian pilot who is presently in Miami has called on Nigerians to support Alh.Atiku Abubakar's presidential bid as well as that of the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives;Rt Hon Yakubu Dogara. 

The young pilot was spotted holding different placards inside a plane with different  inscriptions such as: "Iam Atikulated 2019"... "I  stand with Atiku 2019", Vote Dogara 2019 "and so on...when contacted about his decision via his Facebook handle,
 he insisted that Atiku Abubakar is the way out of the current retrogression that Nigeria is witnessing.He equally stated that while he holds no grievience against the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, but that Nigeria needs a leader who understands the plight of the people. " At a time where the prize of goods is not favourable to the common man, only Atiku can recuperate our decaying economy...He ramains for me the only panacea to our ills. 
"Atiku is the way forward for Nigeria come 2019 and non else..." "He has done so much in Nigeria and for Nigerians as compared to anyone else... "He has invested so much at home that Nigerians back home are benefiting from. he has created over 50 million jobs to Nigerians, the highest anyone has done in the history of my country..." "I believe he is the answer to the prayer and yearnings of millions of Nigerians, let's give him a chance.
On Speaker Dogara, Captain Paul who is from  the same constituency as the Speaker said "The call to vote Dogara again and again and again will not be overemphasized... It is obvious how he has impacted his constituency so much so, that the people wants him on that seat anytime any day...  I'm optimistic that with Dogara as our representative, we'll yet experience massive development that we could possibly imagined from anyone else... I'm with Dogara and Atiku come 2019." Capt. Sumi said the last time he visited Bogoro was in December 2017 and he had to paused for a while and applaud Rt.Hon Dogara for indeed making the common man have a feel of the dividends of democracy;thus he placed a call for all politicians to be Dogara like. 

Capt. Sumi who said he had to spear time and que up for days to get his voters card can't wait for 2019 to exercise his franchise of voting in and voting out.
Sumi also calls on Nigerians to understand their power in deciding who governs them. "While i agree that 2019 must take a new dimension, the electorate must never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are  the voters of this country. like James Madison will say "If men were angels, no government would be necessary."

In the mean time there has been several predictions pointing at Atiku Abubakar winning the next general election in February 2019. Defeating Mohammadu Buhari who has served only one tenure from 2015.

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