Facebook Research App: Trick to Earn 5000$ Every Month Doing Absolutely Nothing (Instant Invite)

Ok guys am here to introduce to you a new app named Facebook Research which is paying huge amount for just keeping an app installed in your Android or iPhone Smartphone. Believe me, if you participate in this program then this is going to be your biggest loot of the year. You can really make your living through this app. It also offers Invite and Earn Program through which you can make unlimited earnings and not for one time, but as long as your referral remains active. For your active participation, you will earn a bonus of $5 to $10 and that too every month. You will get additional $5 to $10 every month for each friend you refer. There’s much more to check, so let’s start.New Important Update: Now Facebook Research Don’t Need Participants who are Male in the Age Group between 18-35. So if you fall in this criteria then What to Do?

Register as Female between age 18 – 35. (You can use any of your Female Family Member Details)

Or Register as Teenager between age 13 – 17. (You can use your Teenager Family Member Details)

More Details in the Steps below.

Very Important Note: Please read this full guide very carefully and don’t miss even a single line. If you follow this properly then you can earn in lacs. 😉

Update: There is new link to Submit your Referrals. It instantly sends invitation to new users. So check and start Referring now.

Trick Ahead:

Just keep a small app installed and active in your app and get assured 5$ (Rs 350 approx.) Every Month.

And Invite just 5 Friends and Earn $75 Every Month. 😍
And hence, Referring More Friends = More Earnings
What is Facebook Research App Program?

Facebook Research Program by Applause is similar to MobileXpression App Program that you might have tried or known at least. This program is owned and started by a company named Applause that tests software and conducts usability feedback research. Facebook Research Program is handed to uTest Platform for marketing.

You have to signup for this program through an Invite and then install a small size App in your Android or iOS Device. You will get Rewards by just keeping that app installed and active.

The research app will be generating statistics about how participants use their phone and mobile apps and will gather data including website URLs, general app usage, data usage, and other general trends in order to improve the user experience.

This app actually tracks or monitors your data and network and may sell these data to other marketing companies. So you may have the question about your Privacy and How safe is this App? So we will cover this part ahead. But for now, let’s check the Rewards you get from this Program.

Facebook Research App Rewards

You will get 5$ for each month you are active and you can refer friends to earn more.

For every friend you refer, you earn $10 every month as long as they remain active. And you can also earn bonus of $20 each month for every 5 friends you refer are active.

So let’s say, you refer 10 friends who are active. So you will get $5 (your Participation Reward) + $100 (10 Referrals Reward as per $10 per Refer Scheme) + $40 ($20 Bonus per 5 Friends) = $145 (Rs 10,000 approx.).

Is Facebook Research App Safe?

So now let’s look at the safety point. Since this app tracks your Phone activity and sends it to their servers, you might have the question about your Privacy and other important data. Does this app also takes away your Private and important data?

To be true, no one knows what data is actually collected by ANY APP without your concern and even without paying a single penny. These days, most of the apps ask for unnecessary app permission and even without reading the reasons for them, we give the permissions. So PRIVACY IS REALLY A MYTH these days.

So same applies to Facebook Research App. If you are really concerned about your PRIVACY Safety then you can stay away from this program. It’s up to you to Participate or not.

But we have another idea, this app has got a good earning potential for the participants so why don’t have a separate budget phone for this app. You can easily cover up the new phone cost through the earnings you get from this app. You know how good it can be right after you become active participant. So I would suggest you to give it a try and use it for at least a month.

Now let’s Participate in this Program and Start Making Huge Money.


There are few must-have requirements to participate in Facebook Research Applause Program. Let’s check those requirements.

Android or iOS Smartphone

Minimum Android Version 6.0 (Marshmallow) or iOS Version 8.0

Invitation to Participate in Facebook Research Program (We will send 😉 )

How to Participate in Facebook Research Program?

Step 1: Facebook Research Program is Invite Only. So, first of all, Visit and Fill the Facebook Research Program Invitation Form: Click Here

NOTE: Must fill all the fields carefully and genuinely. You will receive Invitation through mail. So must enter correct details.

Step 2: Within few minutes (mostly instantly), you will receive an Invitation Mail on your shared Email Address with Subject “Facebook Research – Referral“. It will contain Registration Link. Just fill the asked details carefully following below points.

Enter your Email on which you received Invitation.

Select Gender as Male but age should be between 13 to 17 only. (So if you are selecting Male then you have to signup as Teenager to receive monthly participation rewards)

You can also Signup as Female between age 18 to 25 (You can submit your female family member details.

Select Birth date as per points mentioned above. (Male – Age between 13- 17, Female – Age between 18 – 35)

Submit the Registration Form.

Step 3: After few minutes or instantly, you will receive one more email with the Invitation Code and instructions to install the Facebook Research App in your Phone. Just follow the link to download the apk and install it in your Phone.

NOTE: You have to allow Installations from Unknown Sources in your Phone Settings. To do so, Goto Phone Settings >> Additional setting >> Privacy >> Allow Unknown Sources. This setting may vary from device to device.

Step 4: Open Facebook Research App and you will be asked to enter the Invitation Code. Just copy the invitation code you received in Invitation Mail and paste it in the app and submit it.

Step 5: Next, you will be asked to Approve your Participation in the Program. Just check all the boxes and click OK.

Step 6: On next popup, again click OK to setup Facebook Research Certification in the Phone.

Step 7: Then, click OK to allow VPN Connection for Facebook Research App.

Step 8: You now have to turn on accessibility permission. Press OK and in the accessibility screen, select Facebook Research app and turn on to give the permission.

Step 9: That’s all. The installation finally completed. Within next few hours or minutes, you will receive Installation Confirmation email from uTest/Applause. Now just keep this app installed and active and you will start receiving payments every month.

They send payments for every month on the 15th of next month. So stay active, refer friends and earn huge!!

Special Instructions for Xiaomi Users

All the Participants have to keep the Facebook Research app active in the background. But thee’s a problem in the Xiaomi Phones. If you clear the recent apps then the apps are force closed i.e., not even running in background. To avoid this for Faebook Research App, follow this:

Open Facebook Research App and then open your Recent Apps. Tap on Facebook Research App and Pull Down to Lock it. Now when you clear the recent apps, the Facebook Research App won’t be cleared i.e., it will still continue running.

To auto-open Facebook Research when you shutdown or restart phone: Open Phone Settings>> Installed Apps >> Facebook Research App >> Turn ON Auto Start.

To avoid affecting Facebook Research App when you are on Battery Saver Mode then goto Battery Saver Settings, select “No Restriction” for Facebook Research App.

Facebook Research App Refer and Earn Program

Refer friends to Facebook Research Program by Applause and earn huge. Get $10 each month for every friend that install the app and stays active each month. Additionally, earn $20 bonus every time your 5 friends remains active. Just follow the steps below to know how to start referring friends.

Note: Make sure you are active participant of Facebook Research Program. This is very important to receive payments for your referrals.

Step 1: Open the Installation Confirmed Email that you received from Applause when you installed the Facebook Research App or Visit the Facebook Research Program New Invitation Link

Step 2: It will contain a link to submit your referrals. Just open it and start filling the form.

Step 3: Enter your registered name, email, your friend’s name and email and submit it.

Step 4: They will instantly receive an Invitation mail to signup for the program. Ask them to signup and follow the same steps as you did. (You can refer them this guide)

Step 5: Once they signup and install the app, tell them to remain active every month to receive Participation Payments. You will get $10 for each referral every month if they remain active. They will also get $5 to $10 every month as per their participation.

So refer more friends and earn more.

How to Check your Facebook Research App Earnings?

You can easily check your total earnings for the previous month on the uTest User Dashboard. Since we don’t have the login password of the uTest Platform, we will reset the password and login to the account.

NOTE: You will be able to access uTest (Facebook Research Program) Account after 30 Days of Successfully Installing the Facebook Research App. So follow the given steps after 30 days of your registration. 😉

Visit uTest Password Reset Page: Click Here

Just enter your Facebook Research Registered Email and click on Send Request.

Within few hours, you will receive an email with the Password Reset Link. Just follow it and reset your password.

Now visit uTest Platform Login Page and Login to your Account: Click Here

On the top right corner, you will see Pending Earnings. That’s your Facebook Research App Previous Month’s Earnings which includes your Participation Reward and Referral Rewards.

To check more details, just click on Menu and Select Payments.

There you can see the rewards details along with the details of your referrals rewards.

How to Redeem Facebook Research Program Earnings?

You will receive Payments automatically every month in your PayPal Account.

By default, the Payment method is PayPal. So make sure you have PayPal Account with the email registered on Facebook Research. If not, create a new one. You can also choose to receive Payments in Payoneer Account.

Also, uTest Provides an Option to Change PayPal Payment Email but it’s available only after you have some pending earnings.

To Change PayPal Payment Receiving Email or Payment Method, just Login to uTest Dashboard, select Menu >> Payments and on the top you will see Payment Method.

Just click on Change and edit your Email Address. That’s it. You will receive payments in your updated email account.

Important Notes to Take Care

You will earn $5 per month for each month you are active in the program.

You will earn $10 per month for each referral that signs up for the project within 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 days.

You will earn $5 per month for each referral that signs up for the project after 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 days.

You will earn a $20 bonus per month for every five active referrals (e.g., if you have 10 referrals that were active in a given month, you will earn a $40 bonus that month; if you have 15, you will earn $60, etc.).

Remember to keep the application installed on your device, as well, otherwise you will not receive payment for any of your active referrals!

To receive Payments in PayPal, your PayPal Account has to be fully verified by submitting your PAN Card Details. If you don’t have fully verified PayPal Account then use your Friend’s or Family Member’s PayPal account to receive Payments! 😉

Payment Proof

Having any questions or doubt? Facing any Problems? Just comment below. 😉 Thank you!

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