Oh My Nigeria (I weep for you at 58)

Oh My Nigeria or 1 (I Weep For You at 58)
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Defenceless People (Nigerians) are dying in Jos (Plateau State)  at the hands of military men and the whole country is unbothered?
Students who stayed back since they don't trust the system as they can't go become liabilities at home are now used for target practice by the Nigerian military in Jos.
Young vibrant men (husbands, brothers and sons) minding their businesses in plateau state are now tagged menace and shot dead by the same agency which was supposed to protect them.
The government don't care
The religious leaders are unfazed
The rich are not affected
Yet the poke keep fighting each other, to what end people?
We are left vulnerable and at our own peril and self created defence but we not allowed to own ammunition in order not to be tagged terrorists.
I don't get the system and fuck I don't trust the shitty system anyway.
We have been praying for long (Since 2001) in plateau state hoping a miracle comes and wipe our slate clean, return us to our factory reset mode as was made by God but I would be the bearer of the bad news people, it would never happen again. If you waiting for the government or some miracle from somewhere, lemme quickly say this to you, no the fuck it ain't coming.
Don't get me wrong, I believe in God but common man, these killers also worship God in some kind of way and they bin told or made to believe that killing gets them auto ticket to heaven so why not defend yourself.
My advice (Get yourself prepared, stay safe and be vigilant plus get yourself a device you could handle. At least go to God with an escort, don't go alone. Get you a travel partner to meet God from their team too. Whe you are attacked play your defence well, You must not kill Alot but go with one.)
While we wait for that miracle from up above and trust me it would come but not all of us would be alive to witness it. Shit RAPTURE could be the miracle that saves us, Jesus comes, the world ends and a new world starts.
The scriptures  are fulfilling people. Embrace God or embrace the devil, don't stay in the middle cos it's more dangerous  to be without defence at these crucial moments.
We just (Jos) want peace, how hard can that be?
The presidency already put us in God's hand, terrorists are termed calm nomadic farmers while freedom fighters are mauled and televised. If this ain't Genocide tell me what is.
Come to the city, crisis, go to the rural areas, the herdsmen are rampaging but the politicians, religious leaders and the elite ain't affected. I weep for Nigeria at 58.
We ain't supposed to celebrate anything cos we haven't achieved jack shit except for numerous debts and being the poverty capital of the country and having the most clueless president ever to rule a country in the 21st century.
Tomoro we put on our television and watch the president repeat same lies as independence speech while blind followers and idiots clap and applaud him for being the worst Grand commander of the federation and planning on a second tenure.
The crime and evils in Nigeria made the rainy season last to the end of September and still counting just to wipe off the stain of blood shed daily in this country .
I would end this part with this phrase in capitals
                               GOD HELP NIGERIA

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