Funny enough the car that hit my car when I was going got checked and it was discovered that everything was ok , the break was fine

A bride narrowly escaped death in an auto crash after her traditional wedding while on her way home to prepare for her wedding on Saturday . 
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Woke up 23 of Nov, filled with joy that am getting married traditionally, every lady would be happy  getting married with the man she has been with through thick and thin.
Before the day got busy, I called my husband to have few prayers over the phone, and the day began, women cooking outside, took my bath, got the best makeover artist to do my makeover, we got set and off we got on our way to my village in agbarho for the traditional wedding.
I was in a convoy, my younger brother was driving and all of a sudden the car behind just hit the car I was in and I shouted Jesus! My brother came out of the car to check and asked me to relax, and d following conversation transpired
Guy how far wetin xup
I no know o the break just fail o

My brother came and told me and I got surprise, cos the car was ok when we left so how at that point it failed, then I got nervous.
We got to my village and we got married traditionally, everything went well and I was happy, knowing my bride price has been paid, that's the joy and pride of every urhobo woman and also my parents.
After everything I got into the car and we were going back home to prepare against Saturday  for our white wedding, we were close to ughelli and all of a sudden a white car from nowhere was in our front and my brother lost control of the wheel and the car sumasulted.
The only name and thing I could do was scream Jesus Jesus Jesus I kept screaming when the car was scratching on d tared road on high speed, how the car stopped I  can't tell, the car stopped and I opened the door and was still screaming Jesus, my husband rushed me cos he was in another vehicle behind me.

The Funny part was
When we came out they told us there was no car in front of us
That my brother wouldn't have hold the brake and climb the pavement
But we knew what we saw
To God be the glory, there was no scratch, everyone came out alive.
see the Beautiful picture from the Trad and White wedding

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