#STORY: Love Knows No Bound [Episode 1]

Going to school wasn’t fun initially, I mean, no one likes school. Oh sorry! Let me speak for myself, “I hated school” but ever since I graduated from junior school to senior high school, things got so different.

I’ll tell you about it before you ask me. I mean Senior High school is where you notice guys who now think they have the guts to woo you. I think I’ve been letting the attention get in my head.

Mummy keeps insulting me and ranting on how I use lip gloss to school. That woman never understands that there’s time for everything and now is my time to shine.

Wait! It’s not like I’m giving these guys audience o! but there’s this feeling that comes with you knowing you have lots of people seeking for your attention. When things like this happen, I cast my mind back to what my teacher Mr Badmos says.

In his words, “Beauty plus brain is equals to perfection” I don’t know about the beauty part because before now, I don’t get compliments from people, except from those that are close to me.

They probably compliment me to make me feel better. But I think I’ll believe them now that I have one or more guys on my case. The brain part of it could be true, as I have those who hate me for being brainy except that I have a big problem with mathematics.

Enough of this story on what tickle my fancy, let me tell you what you want to hear .

I’m Kunbi, an SS2 student of Exclusive comprehensive school. I’m an intelligent student but maths is a problem In my life. My class is described as one of the notorious class in school.

My classmates are adults In young bodies . I mean we have the boss of the class, the sassy ones, the bullies, the rich kids, the ones we call handbags (they are the ones who submits to the control of other class mates) , the Fashionistas and the ones who feel the need to correct teachers all the time. If I was asked to make a wish, it will be that I change my class or better still change my classmates.

They could land one in trouble. There was a time our Government teacher “Mr Agu” called himself a “Mad man” on the assembly ground due to the fact that we Ss2 students of Exclusive High school annoyed him a day before and out of frustration, he said that to himself.

That’s how annoying my classmates are. I was thinking of all these and how fun Senior secondary school has been until I was brought back to reality by the the voice of the people saying; “Good morning sir, we are happy to see you, God bless you, Amen!”

“Kunbi, what could you have been thinking of, that took so much of your time that you couldn’t notice my presence?” Principal Ajala asked.

“Nothing sir, I was just…..” I was cut short by him saying;

“It’s fine, I can imagine how many people you have to cater for, so its okay to think about the amount of money that will be spent” the class chuckled while I smiled at his dry joke.

“Well, Good morning class, as you’re all aware of the unavailability of a maths teacher, we took our time to find you all a good one” he said as he gestured at the handsome looking man standing beside him.

“This is Mr Tayo Williams, your new Maths teacher” the principal said. As he said this, all eyes was on Mr Tayo already. I looked round the class, I could see the face of the boys.

They looked threatened already like; “This man is coming to steal our girls”. I could see some girls adjusting their body already. I mean why wouldn’t they? “That guy is too handsome and clean to be a teacher.

I mean what were they thinking when they employed him? Or has principal forgotten this is a school and not a modeling show? I doubt if that guy will know anything, not alone maths. Olodo ni bobo yii maje” I thought to myself.

“We hope you give him your cooperation, May God be with you all”. The Principal said as he walked out of our class, while Mr Tayo followed.

Just as we were all about taking our seats, two girls named Tade and Feranmi, walked to the front of the class saying; “Oh my! that guy is so fine, I can’t wait to have him as my home teacher” I don’t know if it’s safe to call them the prostitutes of our class, but trust me, they love guys.

Mr Tayo doesn’t know what he’s In for. I hope he’s strong enough to handle these girls.

I can’t wait for this drama to start “WELCOME TO EXCLUSIVE COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL”

Thank you all for taking your time to read it.

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