#STORY: Love Knows No Bound [Episode 2]

We brought to you another Fresh Episodes of “Love Knows No Bound” and I guys trust me it’s getting more intense in this one.

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[Episode 2]

The rest of the week went by so fast and it was Monday again. I woke up early to prepare for the new week.

I was quick with my preparations because delaying Mummy won’t be a good idea today. I was downstairs waiting for my Mummy while I took out time to admire myself in the mirror.

“ Kunbi, I’m sure you’re planning on wearing make up to school, I don’t want that at all. Quit that and be fast as you’re already running late” Mummy shouted.

God it’s monday morning for God’s sake, can’t this woman just give me a break? I thought to myself, rolling my eyes at her. I was done in no time so I immediately rushed out to meet mummy.

“I should be able to drop you at school, seems I’ll be going through that way” Mummy said. “C’mon lets go, I’m running late” Mummy added.

We rushed down to my Mummy’s car. Be rest assured the drive would be a quiet one because Mummy believes that your Monday determines how the rest of your week will be.

Which means If you have a rough Monday, the rest of your week would be rough too.

We drove down to my school, it was a fast drive until we got caught up in a hold up at Pen cinema area, close to my school. Beside us was a car, jamming to a song, as the sound could be heard even though he wind up his window.

How do people act this way, it’s Monday morning for God’s sake, I thought to myself. This person obviously Is a carefree perosn and isn’t so focus like Mummy is. Does this mean the rest of his week will be a lousy one?

I turned to my side to at least take a slight look at the carefree soul, I could tell from his side view that he’s a handsome guy. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he is a Yahoo guy.

As they are the ones who enjoys playing music by blasting up their stereos. I couldn’t get a clear view until mummy’s car moved forward. Oh no! It’s not a Yahoo guy, but Mr Tayo Williams, our cute Maths teacher.

But why is he doing what yahoo guys do? He’s probably a Yahoo teacher (whatever that means though) I knew this man wasn’t serious, his body spells unserious entity, I wonder how he would be able to take students when he clearly can’t take himself on the power of focus. Can you imagine this act on a Monday morning?

Mummy’s car moved and we left his car, obviously moving behind us.

I got to school in no time, and I was in time with the assembly programme. The principal was passing an information when Mr Williams strolled In like he was going for a function.

Please don’t ask how I noticed o! his presence is always noticeable.

He was called out by the principal on the assembly ground for introduction. You don’t want to know the way the environment changed, the guys were threatened including the young male teachers, the female teachers were acting some type of way.

The students weren’t left out as some of them giggled unnecessarily. Shade hit me on my shoulder, ”Kunbi, you know this is my kind of guy?” she said.

I rolled my eyes at her and immediately focused on what was being said by the principal.

Shade has been my friend since Junior Secondary school, she’s also intelligent but she loves fine guys. Everyone loves good things but Shade’s own is an exception.

Assembly was dismissed and we all went to our various classes. Even at that, some girls didn’t stop talking about our new teacher.

The bell for the start of the day activities rang and Maths was the first subject on the time table. “Arghhh kill me already”, I thought out loud.

Our famous maths teacher was in class in no time, we all rose up to greet him, of course with some slutty acts from the girls. He asked that we open to page 82 of our maths text book. They all rushed to bring out theirs.I had none to myself.

I’m sure my maths text book will be laying somewhere on my bed. I slept off while trying to study last night, even though I’ll never get anything right in that text book.
“Why aren’t you with yours?” he asked.

It was easy for him to notice me because I sit at the front and some girls even call me “Mama class” because of that. “I left it at home” I said, giving him some kind of attitude.

“Oh! it’s fine then” he said, not noticing my attitude.

What kind of teacher is this? So carefree. I mean some teachers will punish me for that. But here he is, shoving it off like I did nothing.

I hate his attitude to things, I thought to myself.
He started the explanation for the topic at hand, he explained so well, that for the first time In my life, I picked something out of what was being said.

The bell for the end of the class rang and he immediately gavs us a take home to be submitted In the next class which is on Wednesday.

“Do you all understand today’s topic?” he asked.

There was a mixture of both “No” and “Yes”. “Well if you have any, feel free to meet me at my office”, he said while he walked out of the class. Just as he did, almost all of the female students followed him.

These are the kind of things that annoys me, how do girls just give unnecessary attention ? I really don’t like his guts. I just hate this man so much. I hope my hatred for him won’t let me fail Maths.

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