#STORY: Love Knows No Bound [Episode 3]

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[Episode 3]

Ring ring ring!

It was my phone ringing, I immediately rushed to the table to pick up my phone. It was Shade calling me.

I immediately picked the call while I heard a sharp “hello” at the other end.

“Hey there” I said. “Pretty thing, how are you?” shade asked. “I’m good and you?” I asked “I’m okay too” she replied.

“So, what’s up? you get gist for me?” I asked.

“No o! I just wanted to tell you to bring the novel tomorrow” she said “Okay! I’ll do that” I replied.

“ That reminds me Kunbi, have you done your maths assignment?”

I rolled my eyes at her as if she could see me. “Can’t you all give me a break from this maths” I thought to myself.

“No joor, you know how I and maths are, I’ll do it when I get my bearing” I replied in an angry tone.

“Ha! And you know tomorrow is Wednesday, he’s going to ask us to submit it tomorrow” she said sounding concerned.

“Don’t you understand it?” She asked.

“I understood it in class but I don’t know about now” I said sounding moody already.

”Eyah! You should have gone with us to his office the other day, you’d have had a better understanding” she said sounding concerned.

“It’s Fine, thanks”. I said giving her a quick reply. “Hmmm Kunbi! you and this your stubborn head. But you must admit that Mr Williams is good or what do you say?”

“Ehn that’s his business” I replied angrily “Haba! na fight? What did he do to you? She asked. “Nothing o!” I replied already getting irritated.

“I just Don’t like unserious people” I added. “Haha! madam seriousness! loosen your grip and stop being this way joor.

The guy is good to me.. abi do you have a crush on him?” She asked as if to say she was teasing me.

“I think you’re sick” I said angrily. “Eheheh, you won’t tell me now before everyone finds out” she said jokingly.

“Shade, there’s nothing to find out. I’m sorry, I’ve to leave now” I said angrily. “Okay, goodnight dear” she said.

“Bye”, I said, dropping the call almost immediately without waiting for a reply from her.

What’s wrong with this Shade girl? always joking around with stuffs. I don’t even know why she brought up the Maths issue and stating that mans name. She’s annoying.

Speaking of maths now, I have to do my assignment so Mr steal your girl won’t have nothing on me. Picking on me isn’t what I want from him.

*opening the maths text book* everything in the book felt weird and new. I started feeling dizzy so I closed the book.

“I don’t seem to get this right, I’ll just do what I know and submit to him, I can’t kill myself”, I thought to myself.

It’s Wednesday and yes we’re having Mr Williams’ class again. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about his presence, I think I’ll just have to cope with him .

He was in class in no time, and we all rose to greet him in our usual chorus “Goodmorning sir, we’re hapoy to see you, God bless you, Amen!”

He replied “Good morning to you all” with a smile on his very cute face. He began the class with a motivational speech.

“This Is a new dimension”, I thought to myself. I didn’t really pay attention to what he was saying.

The only thing that made sense to me was when he said “don’t give up, keep pushing, your reward is near” people cheered him when he was done.

No way! even the guys laughed and cheered him also. This guy has a way of getting people to love him, I guess I’m his only enemy now.

He asked that we submit our assignment, we all did, while he wrote out the answers to the assignment on the board. Some people were happy with the answers and didn’t hesitate to show their feelings.

Some even went as far as shouting “I got it” those kind of people make me sad because they always remind of how bad I am when it comes to maths.

He continued the class with the day’s topic but he couldn’t go far with the topic as his time got exhausted when the bell rang and he asked that we study the topic before next class.

He was about leaving the class when Ezinne helped him with our books so he could mark our assignment. He left the class and everyone soon started talking about him and the speech he gave.

While they were all talking about him, I rest my head on my table thinking of how Mr Williams could be such a charmer.
Shade rushed down to me looking so happy as if she won a lottery.

“Isn’t Mr Williams just a total package? His girlfriend is enjoying” she said. I hissed at her statement and I replied saying; “I just Don’t like him” .

“Is there anyone you ever like? Sadist!” Titi said to me in a rude Manner while she gave me a bad look.

I ignored her acts while I hoped she doesn’t report me to Mr Williams.

Few minutes later, our literature teacher came in and she started to teach us her own topic. The topic for the day was “The genre of literature”. She was in the middle of an explanation when Mr Williams walked in.

I was surprised to see him,I looked away, while some girls smiled at him. He exchanged greetings with our literature teacher, and asked for her permission.

“Who is Adekunbi Adebayo?” he asked. shock was written all over my face as I looked up to him wondering why he was here asking who I was. “I’m Kunbi sir”, I said in a low tone.

“Please see me after your class”, he said, while he walked out of the class.

The literature teacher made a comment about him but I wasn’t interested. I was busy thinking of what or why he wanted to see me.

“Could it be that Titi had gone to tell him what I said about him? Or what could it be?

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