Open letter to the new governor elect of Bauchi state. Sen Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed (Senator bala) as written by GUDNEZ OKPARA aka DJ BLAZE

Senator Bala Please do the needful and be a blessing to the state of bauchi which is olredy nose diving into ruins because of selfish interests and negligence powered by religious fanaticism

The people olredy made sure u got into office reassuring you that u are their choice and a bleep of hope for the state. Dont make them regret their choice as MA did

Let your agendas not be billboards please we olredy have lot of those in abundance and they have been of no use. Functional Street lights might be a place to start then pipe borne water for the whole metropolis which was last enjoyed under Adamu MuAzu.

The youths need alot of bans lifted so we can be youths again and live a fruitful life. From the police ban on parties, incessant arrests by the police (especially that yelwa police command filled with drunk police officers) who just arrest for the fun of it and detain innocent people demanding bail as if they committed crime. (I have been a victim)

Empower the youths and we assure you another 4 years. We need to be engaged in your government, get a vibrant youth in to ministry’s as aids to the ministers so fresh amd recent innovative ideas can be passed on for implementation and watch bauchi grow

Don’t be another political mistake like M.A who thought politics was just about posters and competing for face of bauchi. We need a governor who relates with his people and know their pain as well as their needs and not just stay in abuja on personal vendettas or in jos playing polo.

Entertainment and sports are your best weapons to get the youths to your wing dancing to your tune. Assure us that u would support our hustle (as we call it) and wayfh us back u to the fight with whom ever. Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara is a living testimony of such loyalty from the people of Bauchi. Even if he (Dogara) contests for his position in APGA trust me he would win cos he is rhe most loved politician in Nigeria at the moment.

We took MA out of that office trust me we can take you out after ur first tenure. Its npt a threat but just a fact that the oneness of the good people of bauchi is shown when we dont like a politician.


I am Okpara Goodness aka DJ Blaze
A town planner by profession (M-Tech Urban Management)
A resident of bauchi for 11 years
I have seen transitions and i hope this would be the best transition so far.

Have a fruitful four years in office.#Kaura

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