If you are looking for a Good Wife Material, You have to Start by Becoming A Good Tailor

By Allison hyacinth

If you’re looking for a good wife material, you have to start by becoming a good tailor… Because only a good tailor can recognize a good material when he sees it.

God will not entrust one of His faithful daughters into your care as a wife if He does not trust the faithfulness in you. He cannot take a heaven-bound daughter and plant her in a hell-bound marriage. He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health in our heaven on earth marriages, but He did not end there, He also said He wants our soul to prosper as much as He wants to see happiness flood our Christian marriages.

Deep calleth unto deep.

He only gives His materials to good tailors.

Ones who know the right places to cut and the right kind of stitches suitable for the material.

He didn’t think Adam was ready until He could trust him.

How much does God trust you to have the ability and the maturity to contain the kind of wife you’re asking Him for?

Before asking for one of His treasured daughters are you one of His treasured sons?

When i started praying for my spouse a whole lot changed about me, it felt like I swallowed the whole book of the law, my mind was renewed to the amazing truth in God’s word. When I felt the strong temptation to ask God for a spouse, I hesitated. Instead I threw it back at Him…

I said, “Lord do me like Adam. Access me. If you know I don’t yet have what it takes to contain one of your daughters please do not give her to me yet, else I will go and mess her up and disappoint you.”

It was a very deep prayer between my sheets.

I understood the implications of leading a heaven bound daughter of His into temptation.

One day Jesus said to His disciples in Luke 17:1….. “There will always be temptations to sin, but woe unto the person who does the tempting!”

The word “woe” used there is a curse, a great sorrow. And the day I understood that scripture I knew it will be a pity on my own part to take someone precious from God and mess her up.

I was more conscious of being ready than receiving from God.

That prayer was like saying;

Lord you know me more than I know myself, if I am not strong enough to help myself and help your daughter fight through our sex urges then do not give her to me.

If I have not trained my self to master the art of self control and patience in speech do not entrust her into my care.

If I have not disciplined my flesh to lust after one woman and one woman only please hold on a bit as I keep working on myself.

If I am somewhat lazy, lacking the mental and physical strength to provide the needs of your daughter through your grace please keep her with you until my seeds are grown enough.

These are so deep brothers, your heart must be soaked in the word in other to comprehend these confessions.

And the beautiful side of these is how God rolls in happiness over your intentions. Oh He does. He sees that it is not even about the woman you’re praying for, but about pleasing Him. So to bring you up to speed He sets up people in your life to teach you and help you learn all the lessons required to get you ready. Most times those lessons are not always pretty, some come as a disappointment, a heartbreak and pain to get you ready with what it takes to contain that which He is getting ready to bring.

So how good a tailor are you?

Will you take one of His sexually pure daughters and force stitches of fornication upon her?

Will you take a fruitful daugther of God and close her womb with series of abortions?

Will you take one of His stainless daughters and paint her skin with blisters and sores?

Will you take a queen from her heavenly Father’s mansion and kick her out on the street by divorce after a year?

I just want to encourage the brothers reading this to see themselves in this shoes. Do not pluck one of God’s apples if you’re not going to do her like her Father treats her.

Start praying in those confessions, Lord please do me like Adam. I may think I am ready but trust me when you know that I am truly ready to contain whatever I am praying to obtain.

Woe unto the man who takes from the kingdom, rather than multiplying.

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