Marriage: God does not choose a life partner for us, choosing who we marry is a decision

By. Allison hyacintho

Although it is true that God does not choose a life partner for us, choosing who we marry is a decision He has supremely left for us to decide on our own…

But can I quickly tell you a little secret about the canny thing God does to help us make sure we are making the right decision? I’m talking about us who are His beloved and functioning in our purpose, not for everyone .😊😊.
See, because God loves us so much it is extremely difficult for Him to keep His hands off our affairs, including choosing who we marry. We know the full gist about how the first marriage covenant He started ended, and how the hubby blamed God for the woman He gave to him as a wife, meaning that the ‘good thing’ God found for him was not so good after all, because he was doing perfectly fine on his own if not for her.

You See, that really got our Father very mad and it provoked Him to curse the ground for that reason, hands-ing up on everything that concerns the couple, from what they would eat, to a shelter for sleep, what to wear, etcetera.

God literally took His hands off making decisions on our behalf that day, because before we know it someone will turn around and blame Him for their inability to carefully watch over and handle the good thing that they received from God.

But God does not hands off on our affairs at all, even when He gets angry and says “go I am not doing again”, He will still be doing behind our back without us knowing, that is how goooood God is.

Remember what He did after He hands off on Adam and wifey? Just before He sent them out of Eden He called them back and made cloths out of animal skin and covered up their nakedness before showing them the door, the same people He was angry at, the same people He told to go. It’s just incredible guys, God’s love is so relentless.

Okay back to the little secret I wanted to share , sorry I just got carried away sharing beautiful stories about the reckless love of God.

So what brainny thing does God do to help us make sure we are making the right marriage decision since He does not choose a partner for us?

Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
You know how it is when you’re searching for something using a search engine, the moment you type in the key word a lot of similar options show up, most times you just end up clicking anyone because the options are all showing you that they can give you the desired result you are looking for, only to discover that the option is directing you to something you don’t need, or something unrelated to your search.

That is how it is when we are ready and searching. The moment we start checking out potential mates we will find a lot of them showing serious signs that they can be who we have been praying to have, when they are not.

God knows this, so even though He wants us to make that decision on our own, to protect His purpose for your life God will throw in His own option to show up as one of the options in your search results, then sits back and wait on you to discern that among the 99 there is 1 with an unusual grace, one that oozes a favour kind of favour😊😊😊 .

And for us who are His own we will always discern our Master’s voice and His leading. That way He chooses for us even without us knowing that He is 🤣🤣

The truth is is, If you think God will sit back and let you decide on who to marry on your own knowing that who you marry will affect the reason why He needs you on earth then you’ve got to be joking.

He didn’t take all that time planning a purposeful role for you on earth only for you to grow up and start shooting pre wedding photos with the wrong person. Naaa.. He will do all it takes to protect His purpose in our life, even without us knowing that He is.


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