#MUSIC: 1P - Girl Child (Educate The Child)

Wampana Angelo Mamza globally known as 1P is here with another Anthem he calls it "Girl Child/Diya Mace" (Educate The Child) after dropping numerous hits such as "Love Is The Answer", "Komole" ft Phenom Tha Viper and "Dan Malla" ft B.O.C Madaki x Freezlinkz x Maupheen. The Realest singer decided to give us a song that would live forever! 
Here he talks about Education for every child especially girls. He didn't just stop there, but went further to kick against child marriage, paedophiles, domestic violence, discrimination, raping the vulnerable government polices against polices against paedophiles. 
The ambassador for culture, peace and unity said the Song was inspired by UNICEF Youth Mobilization/Advocacy Conference & Day Of The African Child (DAC) 2019. Also when 5 year old Fatima was defiled by an Adult in Jimeta-Yola Adamawa State, Nigeria. Also inspired by the Lebanese 40 year old man who married an 8 years old child and killed her on her wedding night (due to internal injuries) 
Song written in Hausa & pigin English just to serve all

Song produced by G-Ben

Download, listen & tell other about this powerful song!

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