Music: Jasz House - 'Higher Level' and 'Say What!’

Jasz House is a foundation set up to discover, nurture, develops and launches teens that are gifted in the Performing Arts.

It’s an environment designed to help Children discover who they are and what they are capable of.

This year one of our goals for the Jasz House family was to create a song from scratch. After long hours of writing, and working with the producer, ' Higher Level' was born.

'Higher Level' reminds us of the tools like depression, drugs, failures etc that the enemy uses to take us down, hence the suicides, sickness etc.

It also encourages us to take advantage of the victory Christ won on our behalf. There is nothing higher than being where you are meant to be.

The second song

'Say What!' Reminds us of not yielding to the enemy who are set to run or ruin our lives. But to yield to Christ who has our back.

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