EMMANUEL OFEMZ KINGS, Photographer proposes to his girlfriend of 8 Years and she said YES.

What was supposed to be the last day of rehearsals for the year and a Christmas carol turned out to be a surprised  proposal as Emmanuel Ofemz (EmmyKing) proposed to his heart-rub Miss Gloria in ABUJA.

In his words and we quote
With you; forever is just a start
Every thing has a beginning, and every beginning has a thing.
We first me in 2011, discovered our path, aligned, became friends and love set in.
It is the will of God that we hope to take it up the next level as He leads us.
Today, December 8, 2019 at about 3:15pm (Nigerian time) she said yes.
Stay glued as we unfold the process

popped the big question during Shelah's birthday, with close friends and family at the Komodo Lounge in Miami on Tuesday night.

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