INTELLECTUAL BIG TEE breaks his long over due silence on the web space with the unveiling of his new record label. and also to inform the general public and his fans that he will be releasing an album sometime in early 2020, before then he is dropping a single On Tuesday 24th.
in line with that  Intellectual Dream Entertainment will be releasing 2 drama(movies) sometime in 2020 

 In his words INTELLECTUAL DREAM ENTERTAINMENT (IDE) is set to take over the music industry and brings international standard into record label running in Nigeria. 
in regards to artist wanting to join the label: The Chief executive says that he dreams on signing artist into the label in the nearest future
In a brief interview the chief executive has this to say:
  • BEAUTIFULAREWA: What motivated you to have a registered:
I look around me and I see many young talents, North East is a place with plenty untapped talent and i hope to help the up coming artist

  • BEAUTIFULAREWA:  As an artist we have seen you organized a couple of events in the past. Why have that stopped and do you have any plans to resume or are you focusing on the record label

Well I intend to focus on both. I mean i intend to maintain my music, acting and talk career but in a different Form

  • BEAUTIFULAREWA:  Some People describe you as someone who looks tough to approach. Is that true: 
hahaha well to be honest I take every single opportunity I have to make people understand that I am not the person they see from a distance. I am a very easy going person and I respect people. I make good use of every opportunity I have to make people understand that I am an easy going person.

  • BEAUTIFULAREWA: What uniqueness do you intend to bring into the music industry in the north using your new level.
I feel somehow to say it's a new label. It's an old name just recently legally registered. i mean Every artist I see in the north is just a DO artist with little or no base at all. I just feel it's appropriate to do something that will make me be outstanding.
“While big African music talents seem to be taking over the music industry, not so much has been done to help the young, talented and upcoming music acts. This is where INTELLECTUAL DREAM ENTERTAINMENT comes in particularly helpful with the unveiling of the record label and it will be signing young, talented and upcoming music acts." The record management is also into event management 
in his closing words the chief executive said: 
The rise in the number of talents in Nigeria and the need to do things right in the music industry gives birth to  INTELLECTUAL DREAM ENTERTAINMENT. The new label is ready to not just change the face of the music industry but also contribute to the success recorded in the industry so far.

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