By Kushi Libi Isaac

The traditional institutions are very important tool for national cohesion as traditional rulers are closer to the people in the grassroots. They play a critical role in maintenance of peace across boards.

We had this institutions before the coming of colonial masters,so its definitely right to say they are there before the white people's kind of administrative leadership style.
The case of Muhammadu Sanusi is quite complex as the man was faster in bringing good reforms which are practically impossible within a short period of time.

Sanusi should be a custodian of the same tradition not to condemn it but a gradual overhaul that may take many years and perhaps precede his tenure.
He was against polygamy especially amongst the poor and vulnerable, that sounds nice and logical. 
 Implementing such in an ancient city where conservative Islam reigns supreme makes it a hectic exercise to begin as such requires persuasion and compromise.

Other reforms like;
Girl child education through massive enrollment,
Abolishing almajiri system,
Reducing divorce rate, and reducing the rate of early marriage amongst the girl child,
A form of progressive and liberal religious practice etc.

Those are unarguably good reforms and should be supported but the manner at which he goes about it was striking fear in the minds of many religious scholars and other traditional rulers.
There are a lot of conservative who are necessarily not illiterates but they uphold old traditions and are vehemently resistant to many societal liberal shift.
History may likely repeat it self as his grandfather was once deposed off the throne.

Every leadership position involves politics but not every leadership position is political.
HRH Muhammadu Sanusi should have seen that.

The democratic dispensation has made them powerless with little or no constitutional role as they are answerable to a Local Government chairperson.
Thereby making it practically impossible to go against a sitting governor or engage in direct power tussle with them.
Well to some is good news as decentralising power means taking leadership more closer to the people.

No matter the divide you belong,this is 2019 and what should be Paramount is industrialisation, employment, security, education and improvement in all spheres of life.
Isaac Libi

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