By Kushi Libi Isaac

The rising threat of mutual suspicion is often borne out of prejudice, a preformed disposition of people of common interests, identity and divide ranging from ethnicity, region, race, religion and ideologies.

Every issue that has worried this artificial configuration is indeed recounted in the latest rise of Stereotype and prejudice.

The pulling forces of destruction,hate destabilization,and apocalyptic utterances is no doubt obstructing our growth and development as a people.

How society manages it's differences, or harmonize those seemingly inordinate ignorances to either build or impede the progress and well-being of the populace should remain a priority to the leaders and the led.

Impressively, this is a journey that began with mixed feelings of hope and skepticism.
Mutual suspicion spreads with unwillingness to dialogue thereby creating a narrative that will strangle diversity, and entangle the nation in one web of crisis.
Going deeper into the foyers of the African society, mockery of what is presumed sacred is never entertained, let alone condoned.

Feeling the agonizing pulse of the minority which i belong only wonders why the menace of marginalization and oppression of minority struggle, aspirations and goals seems to be the binding principles of the majority elites and their masses alike.
We ringed ourselves in trenches, in the dawn of expected liberty to be, the ones that lied in public should be tabooed.
The distinguished are now extinguished.
The unsieved lay siege, leeching and parasiting on the vilified.

It's a hip to be a hypocrite. your self acclaim ally, brother or friend turns out to be your foe and nemesis ones it's time to meet at the polling unit.

It is this trend of ethnic jingoism and religious identity that trapped our growth clutches seems to be the only hereditary trait we transfer to our offspring instead of cohesion based on love and tolerance.
It is now habitually and perpetually embedded in the psychic of the populace.

We sit and bring out solutions via comprise to reach a consensus so as to ameliorate the situation. 
It is attainable. Believers in filth, learned and not have a pivotal role to play. None wean our fallen hero from love. Death beacons on all souls since no one knows tomorrow as it lies where the pendulum swings.

We harp on evils of the society not because i enjoy it but because it traumatizes my soul. This innate display of greed tends to mar rather than consolidate on our progress and effort of our heroes past.

I'm evoking emotions to revive love and warn of the fire on the mountain.
Activist start been active
Actors stop acting and start actions.
Mr Kushi Libi Isaac

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