It ruins the calm human in me and any other sane human to know that in my nation a terrorist is privileged to enjoy freedom than his many innocent victims. it does not in any way portray an iota of wisdom to free a chronic terrorist back to the society after all the score of lives he has claimed and slain. 

It distorted my nerves to know that people (Leaders) whom we entrusted our trust on are those birthing a motion that will impoverished the "prey and in turn better-off its predator". The prey are those victimized by the scourge and menace of insurgents while the predator are those who unleashed and victimized such prey and be freed to move freely in the society without facing any trial in the court of law. It's more of "Ravaging the prey and Salvaging the predator" Is our system working well? NO.

This abysmal gesture of welfare given by government to these perpetrator of horror will only allure many into the business and venture of terrorism and hence promoting inimical onslaughts as many idle and unemployed youths would be attracted to delve into such terrorism knowing fully they can claim to retreat and repent at any time and still be celebrated, offered good welfare than their victims and be freed to join the society and move freely.

It's so appalling and nauseating the person who sponsored the motion is from the zone whose people continuously suffer such devilish menace of bloodshed. They're people who are more of preys to such predators, people who are still vulnerable to attacks from all circumstances of their vicinities.

Instead, why not hatching a motion that will establish an AGENCY to cater and empower such victims (preys) who were ORPHANED and WIDOWED by this incessant and wanton onslaughts by these daredevils. Over the years many have lose their lives, properties and as well their means of livelihood which I felt it should be of urgent and onerous concern more than any attempt to Hoist any AGENCY that will cater and grant welfare to these evils who put them in such state of pain and penury.

We shouldn't let the Western world look at us as if we're still those primitive and uncivilized African people that still don't have sane and innovative minds to craft and draft good policies that will trail place for the well being of our nation. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) should be the ones on the fore concern if any AGENCY should be set up to cater for anyone. They deserved it more.

It is Economically, Socially, Religiously and Morally imprudent and inhuman to set up any AGENCY that will nurture and care for repentant Terrorists with no core assurance they aren't feigning their deradicalization just to gain freedom. Such Motion should be Scrapped, Discarded and Dumped in the refuse bin as it will do more evil than good.

I love Nigeria. Proudly a Nigerian.
Written by; 
Alfred Elijah

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