Saving Lives And Saving Means Of Livelihoods As Covid-19 bites By Kushi Libi Isaac

Caught in between saving lives and saving means of livelihoods, developed nations have opted more for the later than the former with ease of lockdown and restrictions across the globe.

Critics and opposition party have accused the government for complacency, conspiracy and outright negligence, to some skeptics  Covid-19 seems to be an investment for government and vested interest from private sector and foreigners especially Chinese and their co- imperialist nation waiting on returns on investment.

I don't know which one we've opted for saving lives or saving means of livelihoods because with less than 30,000 test kits to serve 200,0000000 persons or the few ventilators procured or the locally made ventilators we refused to accept from ATBU Bauchi or from the innovative young Mr Mallo from Bokkos LGA Plateau State

Prolonged lockdown is realistically not feasible and its continues sustenance a mere mirage in any part of the world.

Lockdown and restrictions of movement can never be the solution as it was just a temporarily preventive measures while scientists work on the habitat, pathology, life cycle, epidemiology,, mode of transmission of the virus while they provide long term prophylaxis.

No country no matter how highly rich and resourceful it is can continue to feed it citizens for long talk less of "a hand to mouth" 3rd world nation like ours and other neighboring African countries.

Of course, stringent temporarily measures as suggested by WHO must be adhered to and the enforcement sustained such as social distancing, washing of hands, using of hand sanitizer, and the use of facemask.

Markets, and religious gathering must be opened while security forces embark on enforcement of movement into the aforementioned places in tranches to avoid overcrowding.
Schools should be open and hours extended till evening where others will come in the morning while the rest in the evening and normalcy returns.

Most importantly people have to go the farm and open up businesses while we learn to live side by side with the virus until there is vaccine or outright cure.

The solutions listed, has some challenges as there is constraints of law enforcement agents and high deficit of manpower in the education sector, this therefore re-echoes our call for employment in critical sectors..

Together we can do with maximum cooperation and support to the government and also support from the government from the citizenry.

Kushi Libi Isaac