Exclusive Interview/Preview for KNEWNORTH the EP by BLAZE hosted by


Blaze(Beautifularewa): Knock knock

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): I dey

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Let’s begin

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Ok

Blaze(Beautifularewa): So do I call u Peakay or shugaba

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Anyone wey u prefer

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): I dey ansa even “big head” or “pisari” (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): All

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Mad o pisari (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Na the name be the personality sha

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Sir Peakay Welcome to beautiful arewa 
A standout blog from the north doing mad numbers nationwide

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Na my pleasure oo

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): I be fan

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Aside me knowing you personally 
Kindly give our visitors/readers a brief insight to who Peakay Magaji is on a regular day

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Peakay naturally is an introvert, proper indoor person.
But for this, Peakay stands for Peace Kefas and i’m the CEO of Northern Empire Nigeria (an A&R company) based in North East Nigeria, Specifically  Bauchi State.
Blaze(Beautifularewa): Northern Empire Nigeria

Blaze(Beautifularewa): I thought it was a music group

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Never ever has it been. There is no artist/entertainer signed to us.

Blaze(Beautifularewa): I was gon ask about that name
Northern Empire Nigeria

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Owkay so about Northern empire

Blaze(Beautifularewa): The company dropped the EP Featuring acquaintances

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Yes!
From day one, there have been people who have devoted their time and efforts to making the company stand out and maybe of these acquaintances came together to grant us this privilege.
We just wanted to do something to make the North stand out.

Blaze(Beautifularewa): From the name obviously it’s a proper paint for the world to see the north in a different light

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Now about the EP
The ‘acquaintances’ were definitely not picked at random. Am guessing a message was intended to be passed so the selection we got. What was the drive?

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): It was actually picked at random.
The only selection that wasn’t random is that of IB Tymer and Jay Wonder because we have been working together for some time now but as for every other act on the project it wasn’t planned, it just happened.

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Owkay

Blaze(Beautifularewa): And they really delivered tbh

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Now to the album

Blaze(Beautifularewa): KnewNorth
I have had a listen and I would say it’s a keeper. For our visitors who would want a preview before they hit the listen/download button I would love a preview of the whole idea and the album at large
Blaze(Beautifularewa): Body of work

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): We have been doing music a for while now and we had the opportunity to see for ourselves how people outside of the north perceive North and our kind of content so we decided to do the Knew North project which was supposed to be a project from our camp, but when we  received love from people who showed interest we decided to split the project into a series of songs to spread one particular message; “There is Content in the North”
The chapter 3 is the final of the Knew North series.
We hope your listeners will really help us on this.

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Listeners/audience

Blaze(Beautifularewa): From what I heard on this chapter they would have to beg for the remaining chapters

Blaze(Beautifularewa): (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Amen

Blaze(Beautifularewa): On the project, there was a blend of various genres 
Was that intentional

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Are other chapters looking same or we should just anticipate

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Each chapter represented something to us. 
Chapter 1: was basically an introduction of what we could offer.
Chapter 2: we signed people’s hearts with classics
Chapter 3: now it’s to invite people and music heads to come let’s join forces to go crazier

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): So the songs are a blend of various genres on purpose 
Hiphop/Rap x AltΓ© x Afro fusion
We shuffled between these genres throughout the series

Blaze(Beautifularewa): This is a massive plan

Blaze(Beautifularewa): I am happy I have a front seat to watch it unfold

Blaze(Beautifularewa): So finally
When is this project dropping so myself (as a dj) and other fans can have a listen

Blaze(Beautifularewa): What are the plans for the drop day

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): 10th August 2020

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): We are giving everyone something to start their week with

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): So hopefully by weekend, these songs will be what will end the week too u know...
Blaze(Beautifularewa): Massive

Blaze(Beautifularewa): We at beautiful arewa Wish you all the luck in the world
After the drop date we hope to have u again for a review of streams and fans reaction

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Thanks man

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): I appreciate this

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Most def 😝

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Thanks again MrPeakay

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Dj’s shud come through for usπŸ™Œ

Blaze(Beautifularewa): I have to Tell you I love the project alredi

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Thanks man

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Mun gode
Blaze(Beautifularewa): Big ups πŸ’ͺ🏾

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): We’ll be dropping the download links by weekend

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): And we’ll love to be hosted by you guys

Blaze(Beautifularewa): Sure, we always ready and available

Kefas Magaji Jnr (Peakay): Thanks Alot

Blaze(Beautifularewa): This is Dj Blaze signing out.

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