Nigeria's Ruling And Opposition party As Coninvers And Accomplice of Bad Governance. BY Kushi Libi Isaac

To think there's a Opposition party in Nigeria today is nothing but a mirage and delusional.

Civil society groups, labor Union, pressure groups and the media have been coarse, lured and cornered by the government in power is huge blow to our non growing baby democracy but one didn't expect the Major opposition party will will be silent on reverse policies of Buhari Government from Unemployment, his cost of governance, corruption, unemployment, insecurity, nepotism, impunity and many anti masses polices.


So there's a major opposition party in Nigeria called PDP? Despite the ineptitude of Buhari, the opposition party has shown it's more of accomplice and enabler of bad governance. Their deafening  silence on reverse gear policies of the incompetent Buhari let government shows how detached they're with grassroot reality.

I can't phantom why they're not holding briefs and press conferences across boards, demanding sack of service chief, refusing to legislate on budget until security and other sectors of the economy is improved upon and outright demands for resignation of Mr President because he has failed in his constitutional duties to protect lives and properties.

They can not mobilise youths to show outright displeasure with trends of negative events that continue to happens unabated.

They can't oppose Buhari's  nepotism and impunity but romancing the government.

Just imagine if Lai Mohammed and his badwagon team are in opposition and what's happening today was under Jonathan, Heavens would have let loose but  hardly does anyone knows who Kola Olagbodiyon is, ( National publicity secretary) 

PDP is equally annoying as the government in power.

What's more appalling is the have build a strong base and establishment at grassroots that all this smaller parties can not upsurge soon due to poor funding, machineries and grassroot structures.

We're faced between the devil and the deep blue sea.

In 2023 It's Still Gonna Be PDP Or APC.

In partisan politics, party structures is what you need to win the highest office.

You must have excos in all the wards of the 774 local government. 

Elected legislators at local level, governors etc.

These are people who campaign at local level.

Presidential campaigns only holds at the state capitals.

Those smaller parties only have shops they call headquarters in Abuja without any offices at states capital.

How will you count on those folks to win a big shot? Stop being delusional

Still in reality only APC and PDP have the needed spread, structures and machineries to win elections especially at presidential level.

But in activism and unionism paperwork, other parties can win elections.

Nigeria's Ruling And Opposition party have turned the country into chess game.

Today APC is calling PDP names and blaming them for the country's woes and tomorrow they'll be welcoming decampee from PDP and PDP will be doing likewise after the name calling.

The earlier Nigerians realise that APC and PDP are just acronyms, people make up a party and ideology the better for the gullible masses who are easily hoodwinked manipulated and coyed into narcissism bigotry and fundamentalism when parochial sentiments are triggered.

The Change con next level government has succeed in making Nigeria a pariah state that collectively we don't know what to advocate; revolution, good governance, restructuring or disintegration is what's on the table and I hope Nigeria will choose the former as the later is catastrophic but still possible if things continue like this. 

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Kushi Libi Isaac.

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