Love Music BY Ndigis Henry

I love how the music started!

But I hate the way it was directed!

She called herself Love

But was far from a dove

She stole my coat of many colours

About us, many spread rumours

Others asked my neighbours

About the history of my labours

Her attention went to the pocket

There, her eyes nearly fell off their socket

Fans asked if she was an Igbo girl

'cause Mwaghavul girls  lack that swirl

I was thrown down in a pit

And thought about calling a split

She had the heart of stone 

Making my heart to stand alone

I was so hopeless

Like a child, fatherless

I thought it was the end

Because we couldn't blend

Arriving at Cricket Music Studio

I first produced an audio

Repeatedly played it on radio

And got ready for the video

Love love love was just the music

It became the promised son, Isaac

To it, many came to bow

She, too, shouted, 'wow'!

With the heart of a baby

I forgave the lady

Like the Cross forgives me daily

Despite her Judas' kisses lately





It costs so much to revenge

But it costs nothing to forgive

We prosper not when we avenge

But we prosper more when we forgive

Love music forgives

Love music edifies

Love? Everybody wants

Ndigis Henry cares.

About the poet

Ndigis Henry E.V.K is a versatile teacher, poet and prolific Nigerian gospel singer-song writer. He has composed many  songs for his church choir  and others, which are ministered during church services, crusades and concerts.

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