Checkout Adorable Pictures of Nigerian Rapper Mozeezo on native outfits, He killed it


Personally i call Mozeezo the king of fashion. The way he dresses, always makes me happy. He always rocks designer outfit, that always suites him, infact it is impossible to see Mozeezo not wearing a fashionable outfit. 

He wears them in his Instagram posts, music videos, And wears them anywhere he goes.

Mozeezo’s real name is Moses Viveta Agboro and he was born on the 18th of September 1993 which makes him 29 years old. Mozeezo always puts effort in always dishing out hit singles for his fans.

Today Mozeezo made a post on his Instagram story where he dressed up in a very fashionable native attire. The outfit looks like a 1990s sort of outfit, but Mozeezo still made it look stylish. He also showed off his expensive neck chain.

Outfit By: Sweetva Ovie 
Photoshoot By: Jerita World 

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