Breaking News: Nigerian Crossdresser Jay Boogie Opens up about Failed Cosmetic Surgery During Online Prayer Session with Pastor David Ibiyeomie seeks God's divine intervention

In a heartfelt and vulnerable moment, Nigerian transgender model Jay Boogie openly sought spiritual guidance and strength during an online morning devotion held by popular pastor David Ibiyeomie. The self-proclaimed "sick crossdresser" shared her battle with life, expressing her desperate plea for help from the Lord.

Jay Boogie, whose real name is Daniel Anthony Nsikan, recently made headlines due to a failed cosmetic surgery. The young model, known for pushing gender boundaries, found herself facing a series of complications and challenges following the procedure.

During the online prayer session, Jay Boogie joined Pastor David Ibiyeomie, a renowned spiritual leader in Nigeria, for a moment of reflection and supplication. The transgender model's decision to seek solace and support from the influential pastor highlights the significant impact of religion and spirituality within Nigerian society.

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Clad in a captivating ensemble, Jay Boogie humbly stood before her online audience, pouring out her heart in a sincere plea for divine intervention. "Lord, help me," she passionately uttered, her voice echoing with genuine concern and fear. The emotional moment struck a chord with viewers as they witnessed her vulnerability and quest for inner strength.

Jesus Christ Is Lord of all.

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